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Virginia Horticulture Group

Gardening Help

We offer garden conults to help with any issues you may be seeing

Soil Amendments

Offering a variety of compost and soil ingredients to help maximize yields and health of your garden.

Gardening Tools

High-quality garden tools manufactured by large named companies in the US.

Garden Care

We care about every plant and the quality it provides.

Lighting Fixtures

With a wide variety of lighting fixtures, VHG has what you need.

Plant Restorative Nutrients

Keeping your plants healthy and vigorous throught their life.

Grow Equipment

From tents to vents, we have everything you need to start your new grow.

Clone Partners

A large selection of clones from our partners at WGT Clones.


Our Mission in the Horticulture World

Here at Virginia Horticulture Group, We want to provide you with the highest quality products that we can source. That’s why we have partnered with big-name companies to help make that happen.

We offer a wide variety of horticulture products ranging from LED Lighting Fixtures to Organic Soil amendments at Whole-Sale Pricing.

LED Lighting 86%
Garden Tools 70%
Nutrients and Soil 82%
3D Prints 50%

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Spring brings plants to your environment


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Spring brings plants to your environment



Spring brings plants to your environment

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