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About VHG

Here at Virginia Horticulture Group, We want to provide you with the highest quality products that we can source. That’s why we have partnered with big-name companies to help make that happen.

We offer a wide variety of horticulture products ranging from LED Lighting Fixtures to Organic Soil amendments at Whole-Sale Pricing. 

Light Fixtures

Misfit Lighting Solutions LED's

LED Horticulture Lights provide a high output PAR rating while maintaining low tempretures. 

Horticulture LED Lighting

High Efficient PAR output lights for Indoor and Greenhouse use. 

See The Lights That We Offer Below

Soil Amendments

BioChar Soil Amendment

Offering a variety of compost and soil ingredients to help maximize yields and health of your garden.

Nutrients and Compost Materials

Partnered with large companies such as Biochar, we offer a wide range of products to help improve your gardens.

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