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Here at Virginia Horticulture Group, We want to provide you with the highest quality products that we can source. That's why we have partnered with big-name companies to help make that happen. We offer a wide variety of horticulture products ranging from LED Lighting Fixtures to Organic Soil amendments at Whole-Sale Pricing. 

The Way We Work

We live for Green ,we work for green

At Virginia Horticulture Group, we strive to provide the highest quality whole sale items directly to your door.

Support 7-Days a Week

We offer support for your orders 7 days a week.

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Our Partners

At VHG, We work closely with local and country-wide companies. 

our loving customers

I was amazed at the quality of BioChar from VHG. I'm extremely satisfied with my order. Thank You!

Alex Parkinson

Horticulture Specialist, Drip Labs

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